Thank You for FIGMENT Boston 2014

We played, danced, smiled and shared an absolutely amazing time together this weekend! Thank you for participating, volunteering, and bringing your art to FIGMENT Boston! Your creative spirits truly lit up the heart of downtown Boston in celebration of art and a culture where everything is possible!

FIGMENT is a gift that we all give to the Boston community. Your participation and generous donations help to make it all happen. If you had a great time at FIGMENT and want to keep us going strong in Boston, please get involved and consider supporting FIGMENT Boston by joining the FIGMENT 100.



People who join the FIGMENT 100 help sustain us year-round by sending $5 to $50 a month.  Please donate to FIGMENT BOSTON online, either as a one-time donation or by joining the FIGMENT 100. You can make a huge difference to FIGMENT with a small monthly donation and the more people on board, the merrier! Tell your friends that you’re part of the FIGMENT 100 and invite them to join you!

Love FIGMENT Boston?! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help us spread the word by telling your friends and sharing your photos, videos and experiences at the event this weekend! #figbos14

As FIGMENT is a participatory event entirely organized by volunteers, we welcome your help in documenting the experiences had by all. If you have photos or video that you would like to share to help us promote future events, we would be most appreciative! We promise to credit you every time the photo or video is used.

To submit photos:

Thank you for making FIGMENT Boston 2014 so special!

Photo Credit: CDavies

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    The volunteers who have participated in this event seem to be having enjoyed together in this weekend. I came to know about the importance of this event from blog articles. This event in Boston downtown has given good idea to the children about the culture and art of Boston community.
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