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Call for Art for FIGMENT Boston 2018 
is now open through June 6 June 12, 2018! 

*The call for art is now open through June 12! 

9 Essentials For Artists To Know About FIGMENT - please read.

FIGMENT is not your typical art event. Here are 9 key things to keep in mind before submitting your project for FIGMENT Boston. Most of them are discussed in detail below or in the FAQIf you have any questions, email:

  1. Everyone is welcome. Artists and participants of any age or experience are welcome to be a part of FIGMENT.
  2. All art is participatory. All of the art at FIGMENT is participatory. We look for art that encourages people to play, dance, sing, create, engage, experiment, and explore their environment.
  3. No sales, logos, or advertising. The art at FIGMENT is a gift from the artist to the FIGMENT community. Nothing is for sale at FIGMENT. At FIGMENT, interactions between people are not mediated by commercial transactions of any kind. There is no advertising, nothing is for sale, and artists do not ask for donations. 
  4. We’re outdoors in a public park. FIGMENT takes place outdoors in a public area, so your project should be designed to withstand the weather and the public.
  5. We leave no trace. Your project can not leave any trace or mark on the Greenway, and artists must be prepared to completely remove and clean up after their project. 
  6. We’re all volunteer. FIGMENT Boston is an all-volunteer run organization. Our staff gives their time as a gift to artists and participants. 
  7. FIGMENT Boston is a completely free event. There is no charge for artists or participants to be a part of the event.
  8. We have no artists grants. The summer event does not have a budget for project grants.
  9. We're in other cities, too! There are FIGMENT Weekend events happening around the globe, and we encourage artists to bring their projects to multiple cities! Find out where else FIGMENT is happening.


FIGMENT Submission Guidelines

FIGMENT encourages you to stretch your boundaries! FIGMENT Boston offers opportunities for both emerging and established artists to showcase original works and create something that gets people to interact, to participate and collaborate with each other.

FIGMENT welcomes works in every imaginable medium including sculpture, installation, performance, music, workshops, games, experiences, site-specific pieces, social experiments, and anything else you can dream of. We invite any project that inspires visitors to participate and interact with art.

FIGMENT focuses on participatory art, art that builds community through sharing, and gets people to interact with one another, talk to each other, create and share experiences together. By participating in FIGMENT, you are building important connections and weaving the social fabric that creates community.

Questions? Email

Mark your calendars!

  • June 6, 2018: Call for Participation closes!

  • June 12, 2018: Call for Participation really closes! If it is past this date and you have a project, email
  • May 19 - Meet & Greet Ask questions, share ideas, meet FIGMENT volunteers and other artists/creators
  • May 31 - Meet & Greet Ask questions, share ideas, meet FIGMENT volunteers and other artists/creators
  • June 7 - Meet & Greet and Artist Walk-through Stroll through the Greenway and imagine how it will look with YOUR art

See FIGMENT Boston on Facebook for details on the Meet & Greets and Artist Walk-through 

  • Saturday July 28 & Sunday July 29: FIGMENT Boston 2018 @The Rose Kennedy Greenway 

To start the submission process, visit the Artist Portal!