FIGMENT Noir Auction

The FIGMENT Noir auction is going to include some incredible works of art that will benefit FIGMENT Boston's free public arts programming. Check out some of the items for auction and email to make a bid prior to Wednesday's event!

Wynn Thorn  [2 pieces]


Starting Bid $600



Starting Bid $1000

Escapism and nostalgia are themes I pursue in my work. I experiment with using sensory manipulation for spatial and conceptual storytelling experiences. I want to control sight, scent, and sound in the worlds I build in order to cultivate memorable experience and suspension of disbelief in my audience.


Black Hibiscus Design


Starting bid $40

Millinery work featuring detailed embellishment is an unusual place to find the expression of one's self. But in the hours spent with needle and thread, and the occasional blood-sacrifice to the sewing deities, I find a way to bring a distinctive beauty into the world. Each piece has its own mood, and each collection its own challenges.

A few years ago as I sat stitching together slippery, difficult satin and heavy, hard to pierce layers of denim, I thought, "what is the point of this? Why am I making this art? What does it add to the world?" What was my effort to join these two conflicting fabrics all for?

The only answer that I had was "I am making it because I can't not make it." What you see when you look at, or try on, one of my hats is an authentic expression of how many beads and sequins there are littering the corners of my psyche. It is glittery up in there.


Franklin Marval

Guitar With a Heart

Starting bid $300

I have always have been fascinated by nature and landscapes. They take me back to where I grew up; my childhood and teenage years. Seeds, a maize’s configuration, sorghum, crops, landlines, weeds and how the wind travels through stems and leaves fascinate me because they are what I grew up around. Colors and shapes intrigue me as they move before my eyes, creating situations similar to human behavior, events of nature and the observation of reality.

My most recent work reflects the study of sound, the similarity with positive actions and the way that it surrounds and motivates people around it.


Jason Turgeon

Poetry Panel from Blunderwood Portable [typewriter not included]

Photo credit: EspressoBuzz

Starting Bid: $25

Jason Turgeon is the past producer of FIGMENT Boston and Bartlett Events and was the team lead for the Blunderwood Portable project that appeared at FIGMENT Boston and Burning Man in 2015.

We chose this poem to display on the Blunderwood Portable at Burning Man because it does a wonderful job of capturing the constant tensions between art and conformity that we all grapple with. Each day, we displayed a new piece of the poem. This section was displayed on Tuesday.


A House Divided Can Not Stand - 1 of 5

Starting bid $50

6-color letterpress of a field of 1,505 10 and 12 point dots with metal type on 22"x28" railroad board.


Kids These Days (II) 1 of 5

Starting bid $50

4-color letterpress of a field of 1,505 10 and 12 point dots with metal type on 22"x28" railroad board.



Kye Flannery


Starting Bid $28

Kye is a local painter, community activist, and a chaplain.



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