Artists and Projects 2012

See below for our FIGMENT Boston 2012 lineup.

Project Artist
8.8 ~ DANCE.HELP.HEAL was created with my partner, Jorge Galvez (DJ Cruzz) to hold monthly house music events, focused on different DJs and a different charity or cause each month. 8.8 Event proceeds have been donated to Red Cross Chile, Alzheimer's Association & Aids Action Committee. We would love to further locate, create, spread and share Music, Dance & the Arts through future 8.8 ~ Dance.Help.Heal Events.
99 Voices
Dory Dinoto
99 Voices is an ongoing multimedia project to document the stories of “The 99 Percent” in Boston. The project will ultimately record the stories of 99 participants in the #OccupyBoston movement.
Analog Fire
Analog Fire
Analog Fire is an electronic collective merging dreamy and cinematic high ends with pounding dance low ends. Live original music with sound synched visuals make this experience incredibly reactive and inter-disciplinary.
AutoSub Dome
Automatic Subconscious
A 20 foot tall dome that will function as a performance and gallery space providing a venue for other artists to display their work.
Be in touch
Philippe Lejeune
I will stage a two way mirror made of safety glass within a wooden installation. The viewer will be able to get in and play with their own reflection being mixed with others. It's really FUN and liberating the viewer becomes the doer. It's an open stage that conveys the idea that we are expressions at any time, here emphasized with the full body connected visually, moving/participating. We can draw on the glass too.
Belly Dance Troupe Al-Jawary Al-Hessan
We will perform a Raqs Sharqi (or belly dance) show that will incorporate many of the traditional props of Middle Eastern Dance.
Blindfolded Musical Chairs
Marie Ghitman and Jean Martin
Participants will don special funny-looking blindfolds and play musical chairs, accompanied by live xylophone music and perhaps a marching band.
Bubbles of the air
Having its tight rhythm section by two Japanese girls, Naomi Watanabe(Vocal, Stand-Up Drums) and Yukino Ushimaru(Vocal, Bass), Me&Mars; is an unique trio from New York City. Their music draws influence from Space Rock and Punk as well as Funk and Reggae, and it's colored with effects-heavy ambient guitar sound created by Ivan Garizabalo(Guitar, Vocal) from Colombia.
Burning Moose
NH/VT Regional Burning Man Group
Our group would like to bring a large (7 foot tall) fiberglass moose (possibly 2) which will be painted white, as in a blank canvas, and supply paint, pens and other creative mediums for the participants at Figment to decorate and draw on the moose. At the end of Figment, the moose (or mooses) will be made available for display for those wishing to host the moose.
During the hours where the sun shines, CEMI and the Automatic Subconcious dome present “CEM-Automatic”! Ever wanted to join in when that beat has you jumping? Wish you could be part of the show? Well, CEMI’s own Luke Stark has whipped together a fantastic installation where anyone can play! 4 Controllers synced to Ableton Live through a Max for Live patch allow users to hit the right notes, every time. Play crazy lead synths, deep bass tones, beautiful pads, and more! On Saturday night, we are going to cover the inside of the dome with 360 degrees of projections provided by Mary Murray and other CEMI members and friends. Ambient music for the evening will be provided by ParanoidZen. Learn more about us at
Cloud Party
A. Campbell Payne
Cloud Party is a performance piece that aims to promote live experimental music as an accessible and engaging art form. In order to meet this goal, Cloud Party challenges the conventional relationship between performer and audience, blurs the boundaries between listening to and creating sound, and explores the use of the entire body as a musical instrument.
Jenn Zawadazkas
Contribute to a collective vision by adding colorful objects to a 4 foot kaleidoscope. Bring something to add ~ grapefruit sized, nonbreakable, colorful or glowing objects. Also a great place for colorful (not sticky) trash to become art!
Community Quilting Bee
Sarah Webster
Come express your inner seamstress. Happenstance quilters will create quilt squares for a community quilt. Over the course of the weekend we will create a warm cozy blanket to be donated to a local women's shelter.Come play with fabric and stitch a little love!
Denise Awesome's Retro Aerobics
Denise Awesome
Denise Awesome is a Certified Aerobics Instructor and Party Professional delivering retro-inspired fitness to dance floors and other non-traditional venues around Boston. Denise brings back retro aerobics attire, music and choreography and leads groups spontaneously through dance numbers; it's like a flash mob without any preparation, and a free aerobic class - without gym walls - that's more like a party.
Drop Me Off in Massachusetts: A One Way Photo-Odyssey
Brynn Corbello
This project consists of photos that I took on a drive from Jackson, MS to Boston, MA in March. The photos show sights, towns, and people that I remember along the highways that lead through 13 states, while on an odyssey to Boston. Each snap of the camera was a moment in my life, frozen in time in a frame. Please, feel free to take one of my moments with you, to view in a different light. Let it be your memory, too.
Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of cacophany and the irreverence and fun of today's Vaudeville for a sound that is somehow familiar yet like no other. This group of raucous and rambunctious musicians will honk, wail, blow, beat, bounce, scream and serenade their way into your hearts.
Etheraz - Kingdom of the Flame / Fantasy Live Action Gaming for all ages.
LARP Adventure Program / Project
Etheraz & Space Odyssey X1: Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and un-cover secrets of the universe?  Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins and unworldly undead and slay dragons?  Find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure?  Now you can in a interactive theater world armed with sword and sorcery. Will you be Hero or Villain? Find the Philosopher stone and save the world or let the shadow of the great conjunction fall upon the lands of Etheraz forever! LARP is a combination of theater, martial arts and costume/prop/stage design combined with critical thinking, creative problem solving and community leadership skills.  Come see and participate in the finely crafted interdisciplinary experience of the LARP Adventure Program.
Exploring Social Issues Using The Arts
Kids Teaching...Kidz
Participants will create collages on global, social issues including bullying, healthy-living, recycling, and nonviolence. The Kids Teaching Kidz, “fear-no-art” approach encourages all ages and skill-levels to create using simple, cut and paste methods with fade proof, global patterned/ metalic paper, glue sticks, and highlight paint. Key words and phrases are provided on worksheets to stimulate expressive responses, group discussion and collaboration. The 6+ murals produced over the 2 day event can then be displayed in community spaces to raise awareness and educate the community on these important global social issues.
Field of Voices (FOV)
Join us in a collaborative, interactive, social art installation. Experience the magic as you hear people singing songs and making statements. Using Augmented Reality FOV exists in virtual space and can be accessed using Layar, a free application available for smartphones. Just load Layar and search for FOV. Please consider participating by leaving a brief message. Touch one of the objects or call (800) 950-6583.
Colin Galbraith
Just as we are a collaboration of cells that come together at our birth to give rise to "us" then disperse at our passing, so the entity FIGMENT is born and dies every year as individuals and art combine to create a dynamic yet ephemeral gestalt being on the Greenway. Further, just as we each have a unique fingerprint, so will the collection of our fingerprints give this year's FIGMENT its own unique identifier.
For You
Jessica Gath
I will be a "cigarette girl" crossed with a clown. Think: brightly-colored sunbeam of fun. My box will be full of postcards I've made for people to fill out and mail to their loved ones (via me or themselves), "Kindness is Contagious" and "Campaign for Good" stickers, buttons and other fun treats. All will be free, positive and all-ages-friendly. I previously performed the same at the New England Art Awards.
Free Custom Tour Maps
Neil Horsky
Visit my little red tour booth, start a conversation, and receive a FREE CUSTOM TOUR MAP. I'll be equipped with a stack of blank paper and writing utensils, and will create a custom map based on your particular interests and desires. The map will serve as documentation of our conversation - an ARTifact - and as an enticement to explore your world and follow your dreams!
Freedom of Information
IOANA / Ioana Urma
The project is a reflection on the continuous, disconnected, intangible information we absorb through the internet, that leads to chaotic, fictive, composite memories. Located on the very concrete and directional Freedom Trail, the sculpture "explodes" into a spatial trail of information. Inside the bricks packed with facts are temporary data tattoos people can use to transform their bodies into textual nonsense.
HarborArts Presents: Battleship LIVE!
HarborArts is going to set up two giant-sized battleship game boards on the Greenway. Using 100% recycled material, we are going to create a grid, hit-or-miss radar boards, and different sized ships. We hope that festival-goers and passers-by will be excited and eager to join in the game!
Downtempo, Electro-Conscious, Worldfolk: HoneyCircuit's music weaves a mix of electronic beats, live instrumentation and ethereal vocals to produce a sound that has been compared to a "tribal Portishead". Eric Freeman (Kalimba Sound System) and Kara Trott (Fluttr Effect) fuse a symphony of Djun Djun, Guitar, Kalimba, Marimba, and Flute. Live belly dancer and video projection included.
Hoop Jam
Boston Hoop Troop
The Boston Hoop Troop is happy to come and incite a massive hoop jam! We will arrive with many many hoops in tow & get the whole greenway rocking their hoop skills. If your not sure about your "hoop skills" then we will have Boston Hoop Troop Members on hand to teach you the basics!
I Want to Change
Ariel DiOrio
This project will end up as a garland of prayer flags that answer the question "what do want to change?" It will start off as a hanging piece of string with the supplies laid out for participants to fill in the blank with their own answer. It will be colorful and self-hanging (not on trees).
Joy of Bellydance: A sacred Circle to Share and Explore the Treasure of the East
Johara and Snake Dance Theater
Johara and her dance company will bring their joy and love for this ancient art form to the open space at Figment. Our circle of dance will share some group and solo dance performances with a live drummer along with beautiful dance movement and easy combinations, so everyone can join in. Through dance we all speak the same language, go to the same place of worship. Our bodies are our sacred temples. Each person has a unique way of moving through the world and some gift to offer to our circle. We learn from you as we pass on our knowledge of the dance. Come dance with us.
Laser Harp & EEG
Kevin Carter
In the future, music will become something that even people who weren't traditionally musicians will be able to contribute to. This project features new methods of creating music, using both lasers and EEG (electroencephalography) to create music. With lasers, you can create music without touching anything except for light. With EEG, you can make music only using your mind.
Electronic music performance that fits for an outdoor event.
Little Boat of Dreams
Heddi Siebel
Visitors are invited to dream about love, life and human caring and tie their imaginings onto the little boat. A video camera will be set up nearby to capture the thoughts of those willing to tell their stories. The little boat dreams project grew from an art installation about a failed polar expedition on display at the Boston Public Library until July 31, 2012.
Live electronic music / DJ set by MetalKT
Electronic music producer and DJ MetalKT presents a modern dubstep / idm / fusion sound. Her tracks have been released alongside Encanti‘s and showcased at the Firefly music festival.
Lost Marbles, Found Marbles, Sound Marbles
Kenneth McKlinski
Inspired by a musical piece by Sxip Shirey, participants seek out and retieve lost marbles and return them to the main table which has glass and metal bowls to produce sounds by rolling them in the bowl. Also an opportunity to make rolled paintings to display or take home using marbles, paint, with other opportunities to play with marbles as well.
Mayflower Rebels - Outlaw Classic Country Music
Mayflower Rebels
We are a classic cover country band, playing outlaw music, with a full country band, steel guitar, banjo, fiddle
Metatron's Cube
Kedaar Kumar
16"x16"x16" sacred geometric figure made out of balsa wood dowels and lazer cut plywood and outfitted with sound reactive electroluminescent wire.
Neodya II
New American Public Art
“Neodya II” is a new planet, dominated by a strong and scattered magnetic presence. The mutable surface changes with a whim; the reconfigurable landscape is yours to shape. This 5-foot diameter globe is studded with hidden magnets and covered with metallic bits and pieces. By spinning it, rearranging it, and playing with it, participants can cooperatively indulge their creative impulses and make intricate worlds.
Pendulum Light Waves
rob darman
Pendulum Light Waves is an interactive kinetic light and sound sculpture that uses 15 simple pendulums that range from 12' to 20' in length, to highlight the beauty of mathematics. Participants will be able to program the light show that accompanies the pendulums natural periodic movement.
Michael Dewberry
Glowing prisms floating in the air give our invisible communication networks brief physical form.
Real Time Art Show
The Real Time Art Show is an experiment in social photography. Our goal is to create a gallery that is created in actual time, and is altered over the course of the event. The project asks Figment participants to contribute to the gallery in various ways: as photographers, subjects of photography, and curators of photographs.
SambaViva is a Boston-based Brazilian dance troupe that performs in a variety of Brazilian musical styles. We would like to present a brief dance performance and engage spectators in a mini-lesson to get them in sync with Brazilian rhythms. Samba is a contagious and joyful sound that appeals to all age-groups, and we love sharing this energy!
Seeking Wonderland
Pop Killed Culture
Seeking Wonderland is an absurdest take on the traditional game. While the layout and rules of the game have not changed, our visual relationship has. Each of the 32 pieces are the same color. The game starts simply enough, but as various pieces advance, the strategy becomes more complicated. The challenge is to remain aware of your own pieces as they intermingle and blend with the other team.
Serial Krusher DJ set
Serial Krusher
I simply want to play yet another tasteful, 8bit/dnb/glitch/idm/circusy DJ set using all my family-friendly and dance-oriented selections.
Sang Jun Yoo
Although light makes everything visible, light itself is not usually noticed because we see things reflected against it. Shine is an installation that connects one's personal relationship to the sunlight in to the space. A camouflage tent turns into a space with lots of visual reflections that is determined by natural elements such as light and wind. Each viewer perceives changing experiences under the sunlight.
Skull brand!
Maxwell Papas
I will have a collection of stencils that people can choose from and I will spray paint logos on old clothes or cheap T-shirts.
Sonic Storyboard
This is a Firefly TIN grant piece. The comic is a form of sequential art that flows in a somewhat linear manner. Some artists have explored multi-directional storytelling through branching lines to create different “nodes” of a story. This project will create a branching musical and visual comic through electronically enhanced wood shadowboxes, each displaying an original comic panel. These boxes are touch sensitive.
Spontaneous Composition
Seth Bailin and the Rock Messengers
Bring your flute, violin, trumpet, tuba, musical saw, melodica, triangle, finger cymbals, djembe, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, theremin, koto, banjo, ukelele, harp, guitar, or voice, and help contribute to a large, welcoming, open-format, dynamic JAM SESSION. Hosted by Boston musician Seth Bailin and his Rock Messengers, this jam is open to any instrumentalist to join the collective musical conversation.
Sustainable Sound
Sean Stevens
Pedal & solar Powered sound system and interactive light show
J’ambiance (Rob Carbone & Joe Moreau)
People talk about FLOW & being in the zone & say we lose touch with time. We’ll create a sonic cloud to feed your introspection & invite you to reflect on being more present in life. We want kids of all ages to join us- to listen & meditate or express yourself as the moment moves you. 1st we’ll gather soundbites from folks at FIGMENT. When we perform, we’ll use the samples in the music. Come enjoy the power of NOW!
The Art of Industry
Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation
Visit the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation's interactive exhibit and experience how a governor works and how steam engines run. Create your own art using Waltham Watch Company Watch Plates and other nineteenth century tools of industry. Then discover how artists today are reclaiming industrial debris and meet Sparkticus our eighteen inch mascot made of military scrap from the Vietnam War.
The Boston Cod Piece
The Cod Piece Team
The Cod Piece is a giant frame of a codfish and is a fusion between a traditional wooden plank-on-frame boat hull and a two-way grid inspired by Lars Spuybroek that is meant to be strong, lightweight, resistant to the elements, and easily assembled within a few hours. The project is the first phase of the Boston Burning Man Circle Of Regional Effigies (CORE)entry that will be displayed at this years festival.
The Chromodynamic Playground
Rachel Boyce & Nathan Lachenmyer
The Chromodynamic Playground invites participants to create paintings under highly-saturated color-changing light. Upon entering the playground, participants will at once be transported to a world of saturated color and emotionally-evokative sound. After a brief period of orientation to this new place, a visitor will be invited to participate in a collective work of art using paint or ink.
The Electric Heliotrope Theater
An immersive, interactive environment, a personal theater and enveloping playspace that responds to your body motion and gestures. Just walk up to the screen and washes of color appear. Nebulae move like amoebae swimming in a whirling void that moves with you; infinite moving lattices of light respond to your gestures; surreal and ethereal spaces come and go with your continued motion.
The Hornitz
Lee Neckritz
The Hornitz is a musical act. We are interested in performing on your main stage. It is a two person act that utilizes instruments, the human mouth, and modern technology to create incredible, danceable soundscapes. The two band members play horns, keyboards, and use human beatbox for drums and bass. Let's celebrate the artistic process!
The Invisible Orchestrion
An open dance space that creates music that accompanies your dancing. Your motion and gestures color and determine the interplay of chords and rhythms; not blip and bleeps, but music that will make you want to move even more.
The Retina Project
A self performing garment that mimics the processes used by the human retina. The back of the dress is a 8x8 LED grid that displays an approximation of the light that is received by the front sensor grid. Worn by a performer, the garment itself is what puts on the show.
The Roaming Photographers
Janet E Souza
I propose to Document the Figment Boston event with photography. I am available to shoot both Digital and Polaroid instant film. I have a digital Canon 1DS Mark II and a Polaroid 600 & 300 camera. The digital picture are best for Documenting the Event. The Polaroid images would be best for the public consumption, a memory captured in this unique old fashion style. I could also help direct visitors "The Photobot".
The Roving Scroll Theater
Mitchel K Ahern
The Roving Scroll Theater is a wheeled 28"x15" 72" tall "theater" into which 130-foot long linocut-type hand-printed fabric scrolls are threaded and hand-cranked through the stage. The Scrollmaster rolls the theater from place to place and reads to willing audiences followed by questions and discussion. Texts include the first paragraph of On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and the complete Gettysburg Address by Lincoln.
The Untitled Man
Basil El Halwagy
The Untitled Man is a performance about the artist's creative spirit. Inspired by my own creative self, the costume and the performance deal with energy, curiosity, sensitivity, and routine. At FigmentBoston, The Untitled Man will perform choreography at specific times. During other times it will interact (silently) with visitors. I also plan to create a drawing space around the performance area for the public.
The journey in the Realm of the Unspeakable
Meng-Hsuan Wu
“The journey in the Realm of the Unspeakable” is a interactive performance project investigating the sense of existence in specific time and this particular site of urban natural scenery. It combines kinetic sculpture, the artist’s appearance, and the interaction between the viewers, local environment and the artist. A kinetic flower sculpture with five movable petals will be installed surrounding the artist head and interact with people while roaming around in between the greenways.
Time Lag
Bob Kephart
Four spherical elements comprise this piece. Each of the spheres contains a microphone and speaker system. Each sphere records 20 seconds of sound and plays it back for 20 seconds. Based upon the spacing of the spheres there is a range of recognizable sound and distortion caused by feedback. The shapes of the spherical elements are inspired by similar objects found in many of Rene Magritte's paintings.
Tolieth Marks
Tolieth Marks
Tolieth Marks will be singing Pop, Jazz, R& B, and Classic
Trapped in the Void
An unusual experience of sensation and disorientation.
Twisted Twister
Marie Ghitman and Jean Martin
Be part of a new twist on a classic game! Get down and play on an oversized custom-made Twister mat, or become a 3-D dot on the Twister board (come by and you'll see what we mean). Fun for the whole family !
Vadalna's Belly Dance
The student troupe of Vadalna Tribal Dance Company, performing their own brand of vagabond gypsy tribal fusion choreography
Virtual Sculpture
Anna Maria Pugliese
“Virtual Sculpture” is made of a plastic banner, size 60x150cm, with a Qrcode image on the centre, size 30x30cm. The Qrcode can be detected with a smartphone in order to be redirected to a webpage where the public can see the video “How far can you see?” and can interact with by answering to the questions the video is based on.
Visions of Spring through Odissi
Mouli Pal and Dancers of Upasana Odissi Group
Odissi is a lyrical Indian Classical dance that conveys moods and thoughts. This 20 minute presentation will begin with a pure dance piece evoking the mood of Spring. It will be followed by a storytelling piece depicting the awakening of the world to the magic of Spring. The artist will encourage the audience to explore the art form and use hand gestures to depict animals, plants and other aspects of nature.
Void Simulacrum
"Void Simulacrum" begins as a 50-foot long wall of fabric enveloping two performers. The sculpture incorporates willing spectators and passers-by, who become the crest of the piece. As each new participant makes aesthetic decisions, the originally static sculptural mass transforms. So the spectator bears responsibility for the artwork. In "Void Simulacrum" the audience is the performance.
We the People
Matt Brochu
"We the people" is a voice wall, a place to share. This wall will consist of recycled cardboard painted as a chalkboard and Eco-friendly chalk will be available. Your participation is what is going to make this wall a success, and we hope you share freely.
What I Wish You Could See
Sophia Youssef
Who did you think you would grow up to become? This is an exhibit of the inner self and an ode to the people we have strived to be. It is our childhood dreams and desires realized through the transparency of the human body. And at the center of it all; a bottomless well where all your hopes, dreams and desires can be dropped in and anonymously unleashed. What part of yourself do you wish you could show to the world?
What's Your Story?
True Story Theater
Improvisational actors will move through the space, inviting anyone who wishes to share a few feelings about what's up in their days...or their lives. The actors will then immediately embody the essence of what they hear, using sculptures or song or movement or scenes.
Wheelwright's One Man Marching Band
Wheelwright's One Man Marching Band
Wheelwright's One Man Marching Band travels at 3 mph, spreading smiles across faces and instigating small parades of children young and old.
Pedro Alejandro Dance & Dancers
WINDSWEPT—Amidst the onrushing storm winds, stands a small school that in the age of climate change is swept into the turmoil of the age. Using school chairs as objects that signify place and action, we chart the moment of encounter with hypercane forces. The audience will be invited to stack and re-stack six chairs that make up the mise-en-scene sometime during the performance.
Your Galaxy
Douglas Ruuska
Where are you in space? Take a look at our Galaxy scaled down to fit our world and see.
hu-mappa mundi
gina heeren
Hu-Mappa Mundi is a series of carved wood hands with maps of human journeys tatooed on the back. Each life-sized hand sits atop a 4"x4"x4' column set in a circle. Prayer flags encircle the hands. Each flag has a woodblock print of the hand and the map surrounded by illustrations of the events. Subjects range from La Condamine's Expedition to the Solidarity Strikes, from the Trail of Tears to Gandhi's Salt March.
in so many words
Jason Candler
in so many words is an 18 ½ hr time capsule of unedited news radio sound bites, devoid of all newscasters, commentators, or analysts. it sequentially covers the last Presidential Election, and the first 100 days of the Obama Presidency (May 2008 to May 2009). The edited result unfolds a non sequitur narrative that informs you about the world, the scope of news reporting, and how you relate to this reality.
you are your world is you!
Michele Auer
This project starts life as a pristine cube of balloons, some with lights hidden inside. Each balloon is connected to the next with velcro and the whole is supported by a hidden lightweight frame. Participants can move balloons around and thus the cube starts to morph and erode. The final form of the installation, whatever it might be, will result from the incremental actions of all visitors.