Artists and Projects 2010

See below for our FIGMENT Boston 2010 lineup.


A.’.A.’. by Eric David Love
Category: Sculpture / Installation
The A.’.A.’. inspired by Blade Runner and H.P. Lovecraft is a concept piece portraying a future where humans can be copied and altered leaving the soul to unknown definition or origin. What happens when organs are merchandise and human bodies are like models of cars? Who knows what an Alfred Hitchcock type vision this may be. A.’.A.’. is an art installation with a Live Action Role Playing aspect to it, where the “factory works” of the man making machine toll about interacting with those whom wish to.

Aerial Performances at the AutoSub Dome by Flying Squirrel Consortium
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
A late afternoon aerial extravaganza with amazing sky-high performances by members of the greater Boston area circus community. Brought to you by Automatic Subconscious and the Flying Squirrel Consortium.

Allison Tartalia (music) by Allison Tartalia
Category: Music
A classically trained pianist and self-taught guitar player with a theatrical bent, Allison draws upon diverse influences to create her eclectic brand of orchestral chamber pop. Her powerful and expressive performances have a way of charming audiences. The secret weapons: fearless honesty, a wry sense of humor and a flair for writing songs that are at once unpredictable and unforgettable.

Be Here Now by Ilana Webber Dance
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
“Be Here Now” is a dance piece choreographed for five female dancers. It investigates different ways in which people map out and organize their lives. The piece is influenced by a segment of the radio show “This American Life” which tells the stories of five people who map the world using a different human sense: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Bollywood Dance Performance by Sangita Jhaveri
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
A performance by 8-10 Bollywood dancers!

Collaborative Jam, open to participants! by J’ambience
Category: Music
We improvise music that starts with ambient music (a la ENO) & from there we go where the mood & moment may take us – be it dubby space jazz, introspective trance induction, or loop-o-riffic beatless techno. We welcome all kinds of collaboration from the audience, from free-style hip-hop to visual art elements.

Collectivescope by Jenn Meisel
Category: Sculpture / Installation
What do you want to see in the world? What you put in is returned multiplied.
The Collectivescope is a 4.5 foot long kaleidoscope. It has a rotating end cap with a door through which participants will add items, creating a new vision together. Participants are invited to bring small treasures to add to the Collectivescope.

Cupid’s Cradle by Bevan Weissman
Category: Sculpture / Installation
This project is a scaled-up version of the popular executive desk toy Newton’s Cradle (five steel balls suspended on two wires from two trusses, demonstrating conservation of energy and momentum as they clack together and rebound). However, instead of steel balls the objects of interest will be cast metal hearts, anatomically correct and slightly larger than life-sized.

Dance Performance by Vadalna Tribal Dance CO
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
A tribal dance performance!

DJ @ FIGMENT by Lenore
Category: Music
Spinning awesome drum ‘n’ bass at FIGMENT.

DJ performance by Dave Dittmer
Category: Music
Rumbling techno heat from DJ Dave Dittmer.

Elana Brody by Elana Brody
Category: Music
“My goal is to have audiences leave the concert feeling just as empowered by their own creativity as that of mine. And at the very least, I hope my show will provide adults with an opportunity they rarely get to have. An opportunity in collective creativity; collective weirdness; pure spontaneous energy explored.”

Factory Seconds by Factory Seconds All Star Family Hot Banana Tribute
Category: Music
We are a crazy eclectic marching band looking to share our songs and shenanigans with the public. We are a motley group of 6-12 people playing everything from Balkan to surf rock music, with clarinet, drum, accordion, guitar, tuba, and whatever else we have.

Goli by Goli
Category: Music
Chamber music for the modern era. A duo of misfit classical musicians with an appetite for world music. Cello + marimba + voice + melodica = GOLI.

Grasshopper Figments by Grasshopper Fire Arts Collective
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
A performance by the Grasshopper Collective!

hashbang by hashbang
Category: Music
A DJ set of electro bangers with the fury.

Ian Schwartz by Ian Schwartz
Category: Sculpture / Installation
Metal wire sculptures hung from and wrapped around trees, coiled around the trunk, spreading like a vine across branches and spanning multiple trees, with balled-up clumps of wire hanging like fruit. I include public participation in the collection of visitors’ dreams on record and hanging them from the wire installation.

Itinerant Home by Mary Hale
Category: Sculpture / Installation
Four years ago, Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in a deadly pass. Four years later, her destruction endures, but not for a lack of effort on the part of local and national groups, led by citizens and celebrities alike. New Orleans is a hotbed of both confusion and possibility.
In response, Itinerant Home provides a focal point to discuss these possibilities. The project takes the form of a wearable, inflatable house that shelters multiple wearers as they work together to navigate through the historic neighborhoods and water bodies of New Orleans. The body-wear goes beyond the gallery to be seen – and worn – by the public. In this context, the project symbolizes and stimulates new ways of thinking about the architecture of home and the future of the city. It is a playful venue for conversation and exchange, literally tailored to fit people of all ages.

Jelly-Fish by Fernando DeOliveira
Category: Visual art
A group of 8 or more jellyfish made of recycled material. Everybody is afraid of jellyfish. By making a group of 8 or more of them in different sizes using material that usually goes to trash, participants realize that we should be afraid of the human interference in nature, otherwise those trash-like fish will be the only kind we will see at the beach in the future.

Life-Sized Bubble by Brook Levine-Adler and Mike Flanagan
Category: Activities / Workshops / Games
Participants stand on a platform in the center of a pool filled with bubble soap. Other participants will raise a hoop from the bubble solution. The participant on the platform will be fully surrounded by a bubble and will be able to put their arms through the bubble if covered in the soapy solution.

LowRes featuring Melodeego by Melodeego
Category: Music
This is a partnership between the environmentally active band Melodeego and Sean Steven’s project for a clean energy entertainment system LowRes. The band will be performing a bike powered concert with this prototype Sound and lighting system. Melodeego has performed at Bioneers by the Bay, Solar Fest, Massachusetts Power Shift, Power Shift ’09, Sacred World Interdependence day, and many other events to shift consciousness and raise awareness. Listen to their music at

Make Waves by Matt Centrella
Category: Multimedia / Electronic Art
Make Waves is a video tracking system that uses a live feed of water to control software synthesizers. The performer or performers place their hands as well as colored cups in a 12×18 bin of water to create ambient music in realtime. The system has both an audio and a visual component that corresponds to what is in the water at any given time (each of the colored cups controls different effects). The result is an interactive performance system that encourages people to create sounds together using simple gestures and movements in water.

MEWS-PARI (Meaningful encounters with strangers preservation and reenactment initiative) by Tim Devin
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
Since 2007, MEWS-PARI has sought to preserve and study people’s stories of meaningful encounters they’ve had with strangers. At FIGMENT, we will reenact scripts of stories we’ve gathered over the years. Members of the public are invited to take part in these reenactments as well, or just to stand by and watch. We will also gather more stories.

My Favorite Grand Mother by Marie Christine Katz
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
My Favorite Grandmother. A space where we can share stories about and as told by our grandparents. I’ll be sited on a chair, an empty chair next to me. Music will be played in the background. I am knitting, inviting passerby to listen to a story: “I can tell you a story about my favorite grand mother”. After telling my short story I ask my listener(s) if they have a story about or from their favorite grandmother/-father and that is what this particular work is about: listening, gathering stories, bringing up memories. See

Pathway to the Stars: build a ladder by Isabell VanMerlin + Jill Regensburg
Category: Sculpture / Installation
A 12-foot-tall bamboo ladder with prayer flags, ropes and bells hanging from it. The idea underlying this ladder is that we all aspire to greater heights, and as we climb, we are integrating body mind and spirit – in the flow of the cosmic oneness. participants will be able to walk “through” (“under” for the more superstitious) the ladder.

Paul & Garo by Paul & Garo
Category: Music
Live instrumental musical performance melding jazz, funk, rock, African, electronica, and other genres.

Photo Op by Jean Campbell
Category: Sculpture / Installation
4′x5′ canvas with hole in it to take a picture. Themes are history, sightseeing, and baseball.

Reflection by Base 24 – Aurelio Ramos, Kedaar Kumar
Category: Multimedia / Electronic Art
Audiovisual installation consisting of a live visual and musical performance as well as realtime processing of live interaction. The viewer(s) will be put in control of objective time and confronted with the sense that all of reality is a product of subjective perception.
The viewer is presented with the image of a window into reality for a few seconds. The image is subtly transitioned into a series of video recordings mimicking the original environment at different points in time. Gradually the time shift aspect of video playback falls under the control of the viewer by position.

Root Society by Root Society
Category: Anchors
Root Society is one of the 2 large sound art theme camps at Burning Man. Surprise – the camp is headed by Jeff Taylor and a large crew from Boston! Who says the East Coast doesn’t rock? Steel and sound by Blake Courtney.

Serial Krusher by Serial Krusher
Category: Music
a “Hot-potato” DJ mix with innerfuze, passing it back and forth.

Sonic Beating Sound Pump by Ammon EP, Anya, Nick Binary, Bob Trahpek, Dana D-Seaver, Dave Dittmar, Mathwin
Category: Music
The Sonic Beating DJ Collective will bring their sound gear for a mixture of Sonic Beating and guest musicians to play on during the day. See

Spectacle by Sarah Rushford
Category: Visual art
A pair of glasses that has a reflective surface on the inside, so that the wearer sees his or her own eyes. The lens shows a reflection but also acts as a magnifier so details of eye, skin, eyelashes etc. become very apparent and magnified and able to be focused on by the wearer when they put on the glasses.

State, Independence, Empire by Brian G. Keogh
Category: Sculpture / Installation
A freestanding wooden sculpture consisting of silhouettes of the Old State House, Boston, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, and the Empire State Building, New York.

Striata by Caroline Parks
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
In the performance I will be wearing a sculpture, which is a dress made from various plastics. The dress is constructed in a 1950′s style with tight bodice and full skirt. I will wear this as if a normal pedestrian, walking and strolling around, except that I am dressed entirely in plastic; literally a dress of consumption. A dress that will not biodegrade.

The Automatic Subconcious ellipsoidal dome by The Automatic Subconscious
Category: Collectives
The Automatic Subconscious is a group of artists and engineers that encourage and fully participate in interactive art and performance. Our Dome was designed and built last year to serve as an art space, performance area, workshop venue and dance club at the Burning Man Festival. 
Our ellipsoidal dome is skinned in canvas to provide shade and a visual separation from its surroundings.

The Medusa Project by Maria Ritz
Category: Sculpture / Installation
The Medusa Project is a large jellyfish sculpture made of used plastic bottle parts to raise awareness about the billions of plastic bottle parts that make up the Great North Pacific Garbage Vortex.

The Photobot by Jason Turgeon
Category: Sculpture / Installation
The Photobot is a new twist on the classic photo booth experience, using modern technology to house a touchscreen computer and a high-quality photo printer inside an art-deco steel and brass functional sculpture. Passers-by touch a button on the screen and are rewarded with two photo strips of four pictures each!

The Rose Petal Project by Rounder
Category: Children’s Activities
The Rose Petal Project is a 17 foot diameter dome filled with soft cushions and rose petals. Children (of all ages) play with the petals using them to cover themselves, throwing them up like confetti, etc.

The Treehouse by Christopher Masciari
Category: Music
Ambient Compositions with interactive and visual components, music about the woods.

Tiny Boston by Chuck
Category: Sculpture / Installation
A 1:240 scale model of Boston, made out of cardboard! You are cordially invited to bring your own cardboard model of your favorite Boston building. Visit for a list of the buildings already completed and to claim a building.

Trees of Life by Peter G. Pereira
Category: Children’s Activities
I want the viewer to notice the tree, its age, the stories that it can tell, the texture of the trunk. I paint on spandex in my signature line style that reminds the viewer of the age of the tree. I then wrap the tree and fasten it with velcro so that everything is tree friendly.

Wandering Carnival by Bob Hepner
Category: Performance / Dance / Theatre
A traveling carnival truck that unpacks to showcase a variety of kinetic, mechanical sculptures that move and dance to music. Also included are outfits such as a rolling, stuffed animal covered “igloo” with an interior accessible by children, a giant cake on a trailer, other smaller recycled fashion apparel and the raw materials of dress up.

WeGallery by mikrosopht
Category: Activities / Workshops / Games
Using color coded stamps/ribbons/etc. we identify individuals at FIGMENT who are interested in one of two WeGallery activities:
1. Artists: anyone who is interested in decorating FIGMENT attendees (namely those labeled as potential Models) with: face paint, fashion (hats, shoes, foam, balloons, rings, necklaces, patches, threads), +anything remotely wearable/portable.
2. Models: anyone who is interested in possibly “exhibiting” one or more of the aforementioned Artists’ wearable/shareable creations.

Workshop/Playshop by Vadalna Tribal Dance CO
Category: Activities / Workshops / Games
A mini workshop/playshop to get people involved and excited about community dance and get people moving in a circle, playing together!