2015 Artist Feature: MeconoMorph

FIGMENT Boston 2015 Project Feature:  MeconoMorph (MMORPH for short) 

FIGMENT Boston is all about sharing the love--with our artists, audience, and the public! Learn more about one of the many unique pieces coming to the Rose Kennedy Greenway in just a few weeks...MeconoMorph! This piece from Viktor Genel is a unique and original Art/Science/Business concept ---an ever growing, shape changing, morphing forms structure built almost completely from business cards and money clips.

Bucky's Legacy at Work

This new concept mixing several disciplines into an evolving art form pays homage to Richard Buckminster 'Bucky' Fuller's great donation to mankind, on the eve of his 120th birthday. Fuller's concept of the geodesic dome inspired the creation of Mecons, individual pieces that make up the project. Each unit is a structurally sound building block, created by shaping business cards at precise angles. Contributors have their cards formed into basic 'bricks' called Mecons (or receive simple instructions on how to create them themselves). These pieces are infinite in their growth potential, as well as utterly unique. Currently a traveling exhibit, collecting new cards and interacting with its audience, the installation is still searching for its permanent home. Most recently piece appeared in the gallery context at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasett, MA. It was also presented not long ago to the audiences attending ArtsMatter Advocacy Day in Wang Theatre, Boston.

See the full gallery HERE

Learn more about how you can participate in MeconoMorph HERE

Come see the project up close on July 25 + 26, 2015!

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